We are a company that invests in innovation to generate economic, environmental, and social value. We build trusted relationships among professionals, customers, suppliers, communities, and shareholders in a transparent, lasting way.

We form a global team made up of professionals that are differentiated by cultural diversity, technical knowledge, and experience. More than that, we are committed to seek and provide the best solutions in products and services.

We work to build long-term partnerships because we understand that strong, sustainable relationships are the building blocks of mutual growth.

Why InterCement?)

Attitudes that represent us

We have identified 10 attitudes that represent us and make us stand out. 10 Attitudes that define “the way we do things around here”. 10 Attitudes that mark our culture and are essential for those who make InterCement.

SER InterCement

We believe that the construction of a true partnership starts with our professionals. SER InterCement is BEING Special for adopting Attitudes that bring us together; is BEING Heard to have a chance to influence with ideas and leave your mark in the organization; is BEING Challenged and work in teams to achieve solid results; is BEING Valued by being recognized as a person and a professional, encouraged to conquer/ embrace opportunities.


Volunteering: making the difference in the communities

We encourage the mobilization of volunteers as we believe that our professionals are also agents of transformation in the communities. The involvement and the mobilization in several causes makes the difference.

Work with us

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