A Brazilian private equity company, we are leaders in the markets of Argentina, through Loma Negra, a publicly-held company listed on NYSE and BYMA, and in Mozambique. We are vice-leader in Brazil and occupy leading regional positions in South Africa and Egypt.

Overall, the Company has 34 production units, with an active capacity of more than 33 million tons of cement per year, employing more than 6,000 professionals.

We operate with local brands in the different geographic regions, valuing the characteristics and demands of each market.

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With a broad portfolio of products and services, we meet the most varied demands for cement and concrete in construction, infrastructure and iconic constructions. Find out where these constructions are around the world:



We have one of the world’s largest cement complexes.

All of our products follow normative specifications of the national industry regulatory bodies as well as good international practices, satisfying the most varied cement demands with quality, reliability and resistance.


We operate concrete plants located in Argentina. We are ready to deal with all the phases of the worksites with the ideal concrete to meet the customer’s need, with what is the most advanced in technology and Research and Development.


With operations in Argentina, our aggregate products are synonyms for quality and reliability.  With technical follow-up and logistical excellence, they meet the most diverse demands.