This portal meets the main recommendations for accessibility by the WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines).

The term accessibility means to include a person with a disability in the participation of activities like the use of products, services, and information.

On the top part of the portal, there is an accessibility bar where you can find standardized browsing shortcuts and the option to change the contrast. These tools are available in all the pages of the portal.

how to use:

To increase the size of the font, just click on the A+ icon on our accessibility bar. If you want to return to the original font size, just click on A-. If necessary, you can also use your browser's native zoom by pressing the “Ctrl +” keys to enlarge the whole site and “Ctrl -“ to make it smaller. To get back to the default size, press “Ctrl 0”.

shortcut keys for browsers

tab browsing

Use the Tab key to browse through elements that receive the action o the user on the site, such as links, buttons, form fields, and others in which they are displayed on the page, and Shift + Tab to return. Use the arrow keys to access text information.