InterCement awards the best suppliers of 2018

85 companies competed on March 18th in shipping, services, inputs, materials, personnel management, innovation and environmental preservation categories;

In 2018, the best suppliers for InterCement, a Brazilian company with global presence and renowned in the cement industry, were acknowledged in an award ceremony taking place in São Paulo, on March 18th. With about 85 strategic partner companies, the best three were awarded in four categories (shipping, services, inputs and materials). A group of 140 examiners made up by professionals of InterCement’s corporate area and units analyzed several criteria in three sessions taking place through out the last year, with over 4400 examinations to reach the winners. The winners of the Spotlight Award were also acknowledged. The award intends to increase the value of supplier initiatives focused on environmental preservation, innovation, social responsibility and personnel management.

The event schedule also allowed people to share information about their expectations towards 2019, both when it comes to InterCement and the national scenario for the concrete and cement industries. The results of the production chain program were published and made in partnership with Sebrae Nacional. Project Biomass was also presented showing the efforts of co-processing waste stemming from vegetable extractivism made by small, family-run producers.

Erika Lima, Supply Coordinator of InterCement Brazil, said that “we reached the fourth edition of the Partnership Program, showing that our company values this action and, more important, our suppliers have taken up this idea as well. The results improve every year and benefit InterCement by increasing the quality of services and materials. This also has a positive impact on our productivity and for suppliers who continue to work towards improving the efficiency and competitiveness”.

The Spotlight Award, based on the strategic directions that InterCement would like to strengthen in commercially partnered companies, was also a success. Lima further states that “20 high quality projects were signed up and choosing the best ones was a great challenge for the related areas, so much that there was a unique situation environmental protection, in which we had two winning projects”.